TRUMP Calls Hillary a LIAR! See His Full Statement…

Donald Trump has repurposed the infamous “lyin’ Ted” nickname he had used for the Texas senator. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee said Thursday during a rally in San Diego, Calif., it would only be appropriate to divert that “lyin'” name to the next relevant politician: Hillary Clinton.

“Ted Cruz is no longer a liar. We don’t see lyin’ Ted any more,” Trump said. “We love Ted, we love him.”

“Now we don’t wanna say lyin’ Ted, but I’d love to pull it out and use it on lying, crooked Hillary, ’cause she is a lyin’. She made up my foreign policy,” Trump said, referring to a speech¬†Clinton gave in California earlier Thursday.

Trump didn’t spend much time attacking the policies Clinton outined in her foreign policy remarks. Instead, the New York businessman joked about how boring her speech was.

As a result of watching the speech, he said he thought of a new job for Clinton should she win the Democratic presidential nomination but lose in the general election come November.

“I watched Hillary speak today which was hard, it’s like taking Sominex … sleep all night,” Trump said. “It’s hard to stay awake, but you know I’m not a big sleeper. I think she could make more money if she made speeches and sold them for people that can’t sleep.”


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