David Perdue: Republicans Must Start Helping Donald Trump Defeat Hillary Clinton!

David Perdue

Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., said Wednesday that Republicans need to stop fighting Donald Trump now that he has risen to the top of the GOP ticket, and start helping him defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

“We have a unique opportunity to finally change course,” Perdue wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post. “It is time for an outsider in the White House. It is time to let Trump be Trump, and to help him win this election.”

His message was delivered even as some in the GOP establishment continue to search for other alternatives to Trump. Some are saying the Libertarian Party ticket formed over the weekend could be a way for Republicans to avoid voting for Trump, while conservative lawyer David French is also being floated as a possible alternative candidate.

Perdue, who has endorsed Trump, said GOP voters are sending a loud and clear message to the establishment that it’s time for a change in Washington. But he said efforts by Republicans to find other options shows the establishment is refusing to hear it.

“These D.C. insiders are so caught up in the Washington bubble that they failed to realize the world around them has changed,” he wrote.

Perdue said he saw the same anger from the Republican establishment when he ran for the Senate just two years ago.

“In my race, the establishment types said I wasn’t Republican enough,” he wrote. “They warned the party faithful that I hadn’t paid my political dues and that voting for me would be risky.”

“The antiquated tactics that were used unsuccessfully against me have been deployed against Mr. Trump, and the voters responded in similar fashion,” he added. ”They ignored the preachy pundits, the ideology police, and the Washington establishment.”

Perdue said Republicans need to unite to avoid another four years of “liberal, progressive policies that have failed the working middle-class.”

“He is the only true outsider running for president,” he wrote. “Now, he can focus on dismantling the Republican Party’s real opponent, Hillary Clinton.”


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